Dairy farm loses on supply to DiGiorno's cheese Provider Foremost, over animal abuse

Dairy farm loses on supply to DiGiorno’s cheese Provider Foremost, over animal abuseOn Tuesday, DiGiorno the top-selling frozen pizza brand and its cheese supplier severed ties with a Wisconsin dairy farm after an animal rights group released undercover video which showed workers kicking, beating, stabbing and whipping sick and injured cows.

Mark Wiese, the Wiese Brothers Farm owner who owns the 5,000-cow farm in Greenleaf along with his brother, said he was not aware of the abuse until late last month.

He told the press he has fired two employees and assigned another to duties that do not involve handling animals after watching the video.

He said on Tuesday, "My brother and I and our families are just very, very shook up about the whole incident," "And we're just going to continue to complete our investigation and make sure changes are made if needed and make our business stronger and better."

Foremost Farms which supplies cheese to DiGiorno, bought its milk from this farm. DiGiorno which is owned by Nestle USA said in a statement that it had asked Foremost Farms not to send it cheese made from Wiese Brothers Farm milk. Foremost Farms stated on Monday that it had stopped buying from Wiese Brothers.

The video was shot by an activist with Mercy For Animals while working on the farm in October and November, articulated Matt Rice, the group's director of investigations.