Monkey Sent into Space Returns Safely to Earth, say Iran Officials

MonkeyAccording to a latest report, the astronomers have been able to successfully launch a monkey into the spacecraft. This has been done by the country for the second time, according to sources.

It has been revealed by the scientists that the monkey was launched on the 14th of December, Saturday this year.

It is also revealed by the Iranian officials that the monkey returned to the Earth safely, after a 15-minute ride on the spacecraft.

The monkey was named as Fargam by the scientists and it was sent about 74.5 miles (120 kilometers) above, into the space, by the scientists. According to a report by the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency in Iran, the animal was sent atop in a liquid fueled rocket.

During the flight the scientists were able to monitor all the movements of the monkey, its health, as well as the metrics about the rocket.

Sources say that this mission was announced by the office of Iran President Hassan Rouhani and was commenced successfully.

Officials with Rouhani's administration said, "President Rouhani appreciated the Iranian scholars for dispatch of the second monkey named 'Fargam' into space and its successful return".

It was also claimed by the officials that the president has congratulated the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.