Post-riot Little India to get new set of alcohol law

Post-riot Little India to get new set of alcohol law S Iswaran, Second Minister for Home Affairs said, the ban on alcohol consumption in public places in Little India which was put in force last weekend will continue this weekend too. The police will announce more details on Wednesday.

The Singapore government is examining options to ban alcohol consumption in public areas in Little India, which was among the suggestions put up by the Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association (LISHA) during a meeting yesterday with the authorities.

As an aftermath of the riot on December 8, the sale and consumption of alcohol was banned in Little India last weekend as a temporary measure to give the police time to weigh up the situation. The move caused significant loss of earnings for businesses there.

Raja Gopal, vice-chairman of LISHA said that he met representatives from the Liquor Licensing Board to discuss the concerns of stakeholders in the area. The association suggested a ban on the consumption of food and alcohol on the streets of Little India and disallow the sale of liquor after 10pm.

He said that the restricted sale hours of alcohol could work in tandem with curfews set by dormitories. However, dormitory operators should not stop their workers from going to Little India on their days off, as many go there not just to drink, but to socialise and buy groceries.