Major Credit Card Security Breach Hits Target Customers

Major Credit Card Security Breach Hits Target CustomersTarget one of the country's largest big-box retail stores is investigating security breach involving stolen credit card and debit card information for millions of its customers.

The breach was first reported Wednesday by security blogger Brian Krebs.  It began the day after Thanksgiving and may be going on till this week.

Krebs on Security, a closely watched security industry blog, said the breach started on Black Friday and lasted until this week.  The report states investigators believe thieves stole the data from credit card machines in almost all of Targets stores nationwide.  The online report states the security breach only affected customers who shopped in stores but not online.

Prof. William McGeveran, an expert in information law said, "It sounds like the actual payment software was hacked with a piece of malware or some other kind of security breach in the actual credit card processing itself, and that's not very common."

The magnetic strips on credit and debit cards are full of information.

Paul Oster, consumer credit expert says, "Your address, your date of birth, your Social Security number," "Once they access that, it's very easy for them to open up other credit cards or gift cards."