Health officials Link Ban on Chinese Selfish with Arsenic

Health officials Link Ban on Chinese Selfish with ArsenicState Health Officials in Washington have focused themselves to arsenic to understand a Chinese ban on West Coast shellfish. But, the officials believe there seems to be no connection between shellfish and the one they are researching.

Earlier, a ban was imposed on US shellfish by Chinese health officials from Fishing Area 67, which includes Alaska, Washington, Oregon and part of California. The ban was set because researchers discovered high levels of paralytic shellfish poison and arsenic in geoducks from Washington and Alaska.

As per latest report revealed by the state Department of Health officials, arsenic in geoducks was discovered from Poverty Bay near Federal Way and not from paralytic shellfish poison. An inorganic arsenic levels of 0.5 parts per million were being reported by the Chinese inspectors.

It has been reported that levels seen in China are about 10 times higher than the average levels we've seen in our area. The average range of inorganic arsenic levels is reported to be 10 to 40 parts per billion.

According to sources, more tests will be performed on shellfish from Poverty Bay by the State health inspectors. But, it has been declared that the health officials do not expect to find levels that would harm anyone's health.