China to Strengthen its Presence in Antarctica

China Strengthen Presence AntarcticaAccording to a latest report, just after China's rover Jade Rabbit has settled down on the moon, China is all set to bolster its existence in the remote continent of Antarctica.

It has been revealed by the Chinese state media on Thursday that the contraction workers are on the way to the forthcoming site of the China's fourth Antarctic research station.

Sources have revealed that the workers will be marching towards their final destination in the continent, after a pit stop at one of its other bases.

The scientists are claiming that the new station will prove to be a vital hub for climate change science.

The analysts are of the view that this station will also be a key player in China's effort to make sure it is a voice in future negotiations about Antarctica's natural and valuable resources.

It has been revealed by the experts that China is a little too late to establish its reign in the coldest continent. Whereas the countries like the US, Russia, Argentina, and the UK have made their multiple bases in the continent for decades.

Qu Tanzhou, who is the director of the State Oceanic Administration's Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration, said, "As a latecomer to Antarctic scientific research, China is catching up".