Health Experts Recommend Banning of Trans Fats in Food Items

Health Experts Recommend Banning of Trans Fats in Food ItemsHealth experts have recommended that trans fats in food items should be cut so that majority of heart diseases which causes death can be prevented.

Health Experts have claimed that if overall consumption of trans fats in England is cut by 1%, it would result in about 11,000 lesser heart attacks annually and 7,000 less deaths.

It has been highlighted since 2003, by the Daily Mail, that trans fats are consumed as incompletely hydrogenated oils and ingredients in cooking. This forced the famous food chains like Mars, McVitie and McDonald to alter the recipes they offered. But this has not made much difference as many of the cakes, pies and chips still have trans fats.

The issue of threats of trans fats being alarmed by Harvard Medical School, can also raise questions on the concerns of the Britain's Food Standards Agency regarding restricting trans fats in the diet, because according to this regulatory body, the food items already have minimum amount of trans fats and the level is harmless.

The warnings by health experts from the Harvard medical school published online are mainly aimed to encourage people to eat less saturated fat, which the dairy foods and red meat carry.

Barbara Gallani, Director of Food Safety and Science at the Food and Drink Federation also recommended that having a healthy food with lesser and more safe levels of trans fats should be taken into consideration seriously.