Newer trials could add 100,000 extra donors annually

Newer trials could add 100,000 extra donors annuallyOver 100,000 new donors could be signing up for organ donation annually if they are encouraged to do so with the correct guidance and adequate information.

The NHS has been struggling for ages to try and raise the number of donors every year with various ways on Britain’s Organ Donor Register. Research reveals that almost 90 per cent of the people are pro organ donation but still a mere one-third sign up for it.

Surveys also show that as many as three people lose their lives everyday since there aren’t adequate donors to save their lives.

Recently a government group has found that employing small and effective methods they could persuade more people to sign up for organ donation. They are planning to follow newer ways to ask people to donate organs which will fill in the gaps left in the system now.

Researchers did one of the largest trials of its kind where they asked over one million people getting their tax disc renewed or registering for new driving licences through the net.

These people were just randomly urged to join in a donor campaign using various encouraging messages. The government team is hopeful that this effort will increase numbers in the Organ Donor Register.