Dog attacks in three years on postal workers cost £48,025 In Wales

Dog attacks in three years on postal workers cost £48,025  In WalesThough dog attacks on postal workers in Wales have reduced over the last three years, but staff absences owing to injuries have cost £48,025.

There were 2201 attacks in 2010/11 which dropped to 143 in 2012/3 with 75 noted in the first seven months of 2013/14.

The staff have taken 565 days off  during that time to recover from injuries which include bites and ligament damage, costing the Royal Mail £85 per working day lost.

The company said owners needed to be careful and control their pets.

A Royal Mail spokesman said that while the number of attacks had reduced by 24 per cent across the UK since the year 2011, it still remained disappointingly high and the firm was steadfast to driving this down further.

He said, "Unfortunately, animal attacks are a hazard faced by our postmen and women every working day.  These attacks cause great distress and in too many cases serious injuries."

"Where attacks do take place suspensions to deliveries may be put in place in the short term in order to ensure the safety of our employees. "Every dog attack on one of our postmen or women is one dog attack too many."

Royal Mail, in July, launched the UK's first Dog Awareness Week to highlighting the number of dog attacks on its staff and to advise owners to keep their animals under control.