Grieving Won’t Start until Pregnant Woman is off Life Support, Says

GrievingWon’t Start until Pregnant Woman is off Life Support, Says FamilyAccording to a latest report, Marlise Munoz's brain is almost dead and she is on life support against her family's wishes, but her family will still visit her in the hospital on Christmas Day.

It has been revealed by the woman's mother that this is a very confusing as well as heartbreaking time for the whole family.

She said that all of us are caught in a limbo inside our hearts as their daughter is not there but still they can see her body lying on the bed.

Munoz, who is a 33-year-old paramedic, had told her husband as well as her parents that she never wanted to be on life support, said Machado, Munoz's mother.

According to sources the hospital had to follow a Texas law that states that it is forbidden for anyone to withdraw life support until the baby is born or the lady suffers a miscarriage.

Machado said, "It's very frustrating because we know what our daughter wanted, and we're not about to honor that because of this law".

The woman's mother also confessed that the grieving will not start within the minds and the hearts of the family until their daughter is totally off the life support.