Reminder for Halton taxpayers that they have to pay their tax

tax returnHM Revenue and Customs has said that 1,566 people found time even during the Christmas Day festivities to send an online tax return.

This figure stand for a one per cent increase on the 1,548 people who filed online on Christmas Day last year.

On Christmas Day just before lunch was the busiest filing hour. It started from midday to 1pm, when 144 people hit the send button on their completed return.

This was followed by 17,000 individuals who booted their computers, gathered their financial information and sent an online tax return on Christmas Eve. This was a boost of 19 per cent on the 14,330 returns received on December
24, 2012.

The Boxing Day holiday experienced another 4,493 people who send their tax return over the internet, a four per cent fall from the 4,685 received in 2012.

All together, 23,059 online returns were received over the three-day period, up 12 per cent on the 2012 total of 20,563.

Halton taxpayers are reminded that the deadline for sending 2012/13 tax returns to HMRC, and paying any tax owed, is January 31, 2014.

Taxpayers, who owe less than £3,000, and want HMRC to collect the tax they owe through next year's tax code, are required to submit an online return by midnight on 30 December.