NASA Working on New, Collapsible Robot

NASA Working on New, Collapsible RobotNASA is now making efforts to make a new, collapsible robot that does not requires wheels to get around. The Super Ball Bot rolls around on a sequence of rods that are coupled by flexible cables, instead of wheels.

Recently, a demonstration was done by the space agency of the machine for IEE spectrum. The main advantage of the Super Ball is its size and weight. It is likely to be smaller and lighter as compared traditional robots because it is not made up of inflexible parts.

The latest robot would not require heavy landing gear, like a parachute or retrorockets. This is because it is deliberately designed to `bounce to a landing' on the planet's surface.

The robot is being developed by NASA Ames Research Center in California. As per IEE Spectrum, the team believes that the robot would be compatible for a mission to Saturn's largest moon Titan.

NASA is purportedly carrying out tests to find out the chances of using a wheel-less rover for investigation on Mars and Saturn's moon Titan.

The necessity for a latest model of rover came from the proposal of sending a journeying device which has a lot lighter payload. This latest tensegrity rover is designed to do same work that Curiosity can do but with less mass.