International Standard Size-Made Condoms Too Large for Indian Men: Study

CondomsThe Indian Council of Medical Research has carried out a study, which continued for two years. It has found that condoms that are made according to international standard sizes are too large for Indian men.

This has led to come up with a recommendation that mixed-size condoms should be made available in India. It is important aspect as more than two million people are living with HIV in India.

In order to reach at the above given conclusion, the researchers have carried out a survey on more than 1,200 volunteers across the nation. They were asked to measure their penises. It was found that around 60% of Indian men were having penis 3-5cm shorter in comparison to condoms available that are made using international standards.

Dr. Chander Puri from the Indian Council of Medical Research affirmed that there is a requirement of custom-made condoms in India, which should be widely available across the nation.

"Smaller condoms are on sale in India. But there is a lack of awareness that different sizes are available. There is anxiety talking about the issue", said Dr. Puri. He affirmed that it has been observed that generally men feel shy to go to chemist's shop ask for a smaller size condom.