E- Cigarettes Boon or Bane?

E- Cigarettes Boon or Bane?According to latest report, it has been estimated by the authorities concerned that restrictions should be placed on the sale of electronic cigarettes.

Sources have revealed that the concerned authorities are looking forward to put restrictions on the sale of electronic cigarettes, so that children are unable to buy as well as consume the same.

It is also suggested by the MSP, that the UK government should set firmer rules in order to stop the advertising of such products.

It is also requested by the MSP that the Scottish government should see if there is any possibility to close this dangerous loophole.

On one hand, ban on smoking in public places was introduced worldwide; but on the other, the uses as well as sales of tobacco-free cigarettes have increased all over the world.

According to health campaigners, it is believed that the growing popularity of e-cigarettes can very effectively weaken the anti-smoking efforts of many years.

It is also believed by the campaigners that sale of e-cigarettes can also promote the use of the same among children and non-smokers.

But, many others are debating on the issue and are of the view that the use as well as promotion of e-cigarettes can save thousands of lives on Earth.