Bull run for Apple shares after hike in net income

Apple-LogoApple has recently announced impressive results and its share price went up quite smartly. The company has managed to sell a record amount of its popular smart phones.

The most awaited Apple iPad has been introduced to the market in the early weeks of April this year and since then, its sales has been highly impressive. The company has sold around 8.8 million of iPad devices in these days.

Moreover, the sales figure of Apple's smart phone was also remarkable. It has managed to sell almost a double of the number from the previous year's sales record.

Last year, it had sold 8.7 million of phones for the same quarter. The company's net income has gone up by 90% in the current quarter. This was beyond the expectation of the market experts at Wall Street.

With such a striking net income, the share price of the company has jumped up to an all-time high. It has increased by $13.31 and has touched $257.90 with a hike of 5.4%.