Dancing numbers feature Google’s Home Page last day of 2013

google2013 has seen the Google homepage feature many interesting doodles and the search engine made sure that the final day of the year keeps in tune with the others.

Keeping up with its tradition of apt doodles to mark important days, Google, on Tuesday, displayed an animated New Year's Eve 2013 doodle on its homepage to bid adieu to the year. It is the last Google doodle for the year
2013. The doodle features a disco-like setting with the numbers 2, 0, 1, 3 which stand for this year that is going to end in a few hours dancing as an excited 4 stands to the left of 3 symbolising the year 2014 which will start soon.

The numbers stand on a square multi-coloured podium as the colours change with two speakers which looks like the letter 'g' are seen on either side of the word 'Google' where the 'O' is represented by a disco ball.

The doodle displays 'Happy New Year!' when you mouse over and it leads to New Year's Eve 2013 stories on Google. Though it may appear to be interactive but the doodle is just animated this time.