Scientists Created 10 Piglets than can Glow in Dark

PigletsAccording to a new report, scientists in southern China have injected pig embryos with fluorescent jellyfish DNA, in an effort to study human-genetic disorders. In an experiment, they placed 10 piglets under a black light and found that they emanate an eerie green glow.

Some of reproductive scientists from the University of Hawaii have been successful in integration of genetic material into the animal's natural makeup. They developed a technique that could prove instrumental in creation of more cost-efficient and effective treatments for disorders like hemophilia.

Stefan Moisyadi, scientist from Institute for Biogenesis Research at the University of Hawaii, said: "For Patients who suffer from hemophilia and need blood-clotting enzymes in their blood, we can make those enzymes lot cheaper in animals rather than factory that will cost millions of dollars to build".

Earlier, some glow-in-the dark bunnies were also produced in Turkey and now researchers have developed these light-up piglets. It has been reported that scientists are looking forward to perform injection technique in Sheep.

Scientists believe that these experiments have turned most adorable animals into ones that are slightly terrifying. It has been declared that scientists have been successful in creating 10 green-tinted piglets with genetically modifications, which makes them glow in dark.