WADA to Adopt New Hair Drug Testing Technique

WADA to Adopt New Hair Drug Testing TechniqueThe new World Anti-Doping Agency president has announced that it is likely to adopt a new drug testing technique that involves hair testing to catch drug cheats.

Britain’s Craig Reedie has become the new president of World Anti-Doping Agency. He said the International Olympic Committee has set up a new $10 million fund for adoption of new testing techniques to catch drug cheats.

The new hair testing technique transcends the requirement of blood and urine samples. It has been revealed by experts that traces of some drugs last longer in hair than other blood and urine and that is why WADA is considering to include this new and more effective technique in its testing system.

“This new fund from the IOC will create tremendous opportunities for advances in anti-doping and allow our scientists to look at alternative approaches to sample testing for banned substances”, said Reedie.

He told to Press Association Sport that hair testing technique is really an amazing development and marks the importance of understanding the advancement of testing techniques to catch cheats without making any errors.

The new WADA president has also said that it is time to move on from the Lance Armstrong scandal. He added that cycling’s world governing body the UCI has already announced that a commission has been set up to investigate events surrounding the disgraced cyclist’s seven Tour de France wins.