'Invariant Natural Killer T Cells' Prevent TB in Human Beings: Study

'Invariant Natural Killer T Cells' Prevent TB in Human Beings: StudyIt is really good to hear that the deadly tuberculosis infection can be prevented in human beings by a special class of immune cells called 'invariant natural killer T cells'. India is likely to get the best benefit of this discovery as it has the most number of tuberculosis cases in the world.

As matter of fact, mycobacterium tuberculosis has become the major cause of death all over the world. It is easier for most healthy people to stay protected from tuberculosis, but they need to have all parts of the immune system working properly.

Senior author Samuel Behar of University of Massachusetts Medical School, US, said they wanted to indentify the mechanism that is used by different types of T cells to control Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.

Infected macrophages are the human target cells of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). It was found by researchers that when 'invariant natural killer T cells' encounter infected macrophages, Mtb are prevented by T cells by stopping their growth and multiplication inside the macrophages.

"Understanding how such T cells contribute to the control and elimination of Mtb could lead to novel therapeutic approaches that strengthen their activity and boost the overall immune response during infection", concluded the study.