Original Flavour of Cheerios to go GMO-free

Original Flavour of Cheerios to go GMO-freeSome Cheerios free from genetically modified ingredients will start showing up on shelves soon said the General Mills.

On Thursday, the Minneapolis-based company said it has been manufacturing its original-flavour Cheerios in response to consumer demand without GMOs for the past few weeks. However the company did not specify the exact date when those boxes would start to appear on the shelves ready for sale.

General Mills Inc. made an announcement this week that it has stopped using genetically modified (GM) ingredients in the original flavour of the popular breakfast cereal Cheerios. This move came in the middle of growing public resistance against the use of GM products.

Critics and activists have expressed concerns for a long time regarding the possible health effects of products which are made from M crops and blame some companies who use them deliberately keeping consumers in the dark by not labelling them as GM.

On Friday, a General Mills spokesman said that safety fears was not the factor which made the company decide to drop GM ingredients.

The spokes person mentioned, "There is a broad consensus among international bodies that genetically modified foods are safe. This was a change we were able to make given the simple formula of Cheerios."

Independently, General Mills mentioned in blog post: "We did it because we think consumers may embrace it," and not because of any outside pressure or safety fears.

According to General Mills, the main ingredient that is used in the original recipe of Cheerios is oats - and there are essentially no genetically modified oats.