Urban Outfitters Remove Depression T-Shirt from their Stores

DepressionA Singaporean brand called Depression has come under controversy for sending wrong message to customers. After a petition with 5000 signatures asked the clothing company to remove the Depression t-shirt from their stores, Urban Outfitters had to unwillingly do the same.

Urban outfitters passed the blame on to the small brand named Depression. Whatever the logic is behind choosing depression for T-shirts by Urban Outfitters, it seemed that the company was sending wrong message to its customers. The backlash started immediately on social media immediately after the company releases 'Depression' T-shirt for sale.

"I was shocked that after one T-shirt people jumped to this conclusion. We make happy clothes. I got very depressed at work. The clothing line is a reminder that we can be happy every day when we go to work", said Depression's Kenny Lim to ABC News.

This has not happened for the first time that the company has drawn criticism from customers, but still Urban Outfitter expected the strong negative response to the T-shirt.

The retailer was confident that the clothing line will be happily accepted by the customers because Lim and Loh's 'Depression' T-shirt line for men was making record sale in the country. Urban Outfitters also commissioned fashion designers Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh for the purpose of deigning a 'Depression' T-shirt for women. But it all went into the vain after the company was forced to remove the T-shirts from the stores.