‘Space is the ultimate high ground’, Says Commander of Air Force Space Command

‘Space is the ultimate high ground’, Says Commander of Air Force Space CommandToday, the commander of Air Force Space Command said, space is fundamental to the economy, the military and the way of life in the United States and officials must continue to guard against challenges in the domain from adversaries.

Gen.  William Shelton stated to the students at George Washington University some of his worries and concerns.

In the past 60 years, space has grown from a domain with a lone satellite beeping across the heavens to a $300 billion economic engine.

For all nations satellites are now essential part of the 21st century way of life.  Weather forecasting, precise navigation, instant communications and many other capabilities tie space to Earth.

These are extremely vital during crises.  The death tolls from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Japanese tsunami in 2011 would have been even higher had not satellite surveillance and communications been available, he added.

Shelton said, space has also has brought great changes to the military.  In all of recorded history, when armies met on the battle field, they fought for the coveted high ground because of the obvious advantage it gave them over the adversary.  Later, balloons performed that function and even later, airplanes were used as observation platforms. He said, space is the ultimate high ground.