GMO-free Original Cheerios to Hit the Shelves Soon

GMO-free Original Cheerios to Hit the Shelves SoonSome Cheerios made without genetically modified ingredients will start appearing on shelves soon says General Mills.

On Thursday, the Minneapolis-based company said that for the past few weeks it has been manufacturing its original-flavor Cheerios without GMOs, in a reaction to consumer demand.  However it did not specify a date when those boxes would hit the shelves for sale.

Mike Siemienas, a company spokesman said, the original Cheerios will now be labelled as, "Not Made With Genetically Modified Ingredients," although that it is not an official certification.  The labels will also state that trace amounts of GMO ingredients could be present due to the manufacturing process.

This change does not apply to any other flavours of Cheerios, such as Apple Cinnamon Cheerios or Multi Grain Cheerios.

He said, "We were able to do this with original Cheerios because the main ingredients are oats."  

Stating that, there are no genetically modified oats.  The company is primarily switching the cornstarch and sugar to make the original Cheerios free of GMOs, he added.

The change was initiated after the group Green America started a campaign called GMO Inside, asking General Mills to make Cheerios GMO-free.

The group said in a statement that its campaign prompted fans to flood the Cheerios page on Facebook with comments on the topic.