Mentally ill killer kills father, sister

Antony WaterlowAntony Waterlow murdered his father and sister to demise in the throes of a schizophrenic scene after therapists neglected to keep him.

Had he been kept some time recently, the passings of his father, Nick Waterlow, a craftsmanship custodian, and his sister, Chloe Heuston, may never have happened, Glebe Coroners Court was told on Friday.

The investigation held last February was told that Waterlow's family had been striving for quite some time to look for assistance for him, however were told that he couldn't be dealt with unless he examined himself into a healing facility or hurt somebody.

At the same time since resulting confinement and medicine in a measurable hospital, Waterlow now comprehends what he did and has woken up from a living bad dream to a "more awful bad dream", his companions say.

However Waterlow's specialists accepted that he couldn't be booked under the terms of the Mental Health Act.

Therefore, Deputy State Coroner Paul McMahon has prescribed that the state government change the enactment to evacuate the uncertainty encompassing the choice of when to confine a rationally sick individual without wanting to.

Therapists accepted that he couldn't be booked unless he represented an evident and prompt risk, "in spite of the fact that it was clear that his psychosis was getting to be more proclaimed and his personal satisfaction, and that of his family and companions was being genuinely influenced", Mr McMahon said.