Triyards Wins Fresh Orders

Triyards Wins Fresh OrdersTriyards Holdings, the offshore fabrication and engineering firm, has won two new orders worth a total of $7.5m for construction work and outfitting of two cruise vessels.

The extent of the first contract is building the hull and installation of piping, electrical and mechanical system and equipment in new build vessel Aqua Mekong which is a 63-metre long vessel. The vessel will be under construction at Triyards for nine months and the shipbuilder says it will also carry out the "mocked up part of her 5-star outfitting and furnishing of luxurious cabins." This vessel belongs to cruise ship operator Aqua Expeditions.  She will operate in the Mekong River with high-end hotel and accommodation facilities.

The second contract is with International Shipping Partners for the upgrading of accommodation on the 103-metre long Silver Discoverer, with a 12-week refurbishment to include a new gym, beauty salon, and expedition cabins.

Wong Bheet Huan, Triyards CEO said, "These wins underscore a new chapter for Triyards that propels us into adjacent opportunities within the marine industry.  Our focus on building engineering capabilities has had the effect of Triyards gaining recognition beyond work in the offshore oil and gas arena, and into the offshore tourism industry."