Pubs Breaking Law on Serving Drinks to People under Effect of Alcohol

Pubs Breaking Law on Serving Drinks to People under Effect of AlcoholResearchers from the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Violence Prevention at Liverpool John Moores University claim pubs and clubs are breaking rules by serving drinks to already drunk people.

Researchers conducted a survey from Wednesday to Sunday, in which they trained four students to act like drunk and ask for vodka and coke in the bar. They found that the drunken students were served for 84% of time by the pubs and the clubs.

They also noticed that students in state of alcohol were served with highest rate of 96% rate after midnight and 94% on Fridays with lowest rate on Wednesdays.

In their survey, researchers tested 70 randomly selected pubs, bars and clubs in one northern English city.

It has been reported that drinking in nights causes more burden on health and health services. Researchers said that bartenders should refuse to serve drinks to the drunken people. This will help in saving lives of many people and overcoming pressure on the NHS.

According to the Licensing Act 2003, it is illegal to sell alcohol to a drunken person or to one who tries to buy it on his behalf. A person who will break the law will be charged a fine of £1,000, but there is no hearing for prosecutions.