Antidepressants in Late Pregnancy Cause Lung Complications in Newborns

Antidepressants in Late Pregnancy Cause Lung Complications in NewbornsA new research from Canadian health experts claims that antidepressants taken by pregnant women cause double the effects of lung complications to a newborn baby.

Researchers from Toronto said babies could encounter persistent pulmonary hypertension, whose mothers take antidepressants in the 20th week of their pregnancy. The positive on the part is that the risks are quite low, affecting only 3.5 out of 1000 births.

Dr. Sophie Grigoriadis, head of the Women's Mood and Anxiety Clinic, said: “It should be one of factors you consider when you decide to use medications, but it has to be balanced with potential problems that can occur if you don't treat depression”.

Researchers said it is very difficult to maintain balance between depression and pregnancy. But, the benefits of antidepressants must be more than potential risks of an untreated depression.

As per March of Dimes, untreated depression can cause health effects to pregnant women. It can lead to poor weight gain, high blood pressure, inadequate prenatal care, low birth weight and premature birth.

Dr. Ariela Frieder, who specializes in reproductive psychiatry at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, said depression in pregnancy is more likely to lead to postpartum depression. She advises that in order to have healthy baby, a women must be fit and fine during her pregnancy and six weeks after her delivery.