Hellabrunn Zoo Releases Video Showing 2 Polar Bear Cubs Opening Eyes for First time

Polar-Bear-CubsPresence of camera in polar bears' enclosure at Germany's Hellabrunn Zoo has led to come up with a video showing two polar bear cubs opening their tiny eyes for the first time and looking their mother's face.

Growth of the bears has been monitored through camera since their birth has taken place last month. It has been found that the cubs of polar bear mother Giovanna are quite small and are said to be around 1 foot long and would not be more than 1 pound in terms of weight when they were born.

It was one of a kind moment when people would have been able to see a video in which polar bear cubs have opened their eyes for the first time and saw their mother. The heart-warming video also showed that one of the cubs stretches his paw to pat his mother's nose.

The video also is of great importance as the polar bears in it are the only one to be born in captivity in Europe in 2013. Dr. Andreas Knieriem, Director of the zoo, said, "It is as if we were there live watching the labour and birth of a polar bear and, as if that weren't enough, Giovanna showed us not one, but two very different births!".