HiSeq X Ten Sequencing Platform Produces Complete Human Genome for under $1000: Illumina

HiSeq X TenBiotechnology major Illumina has declared that a remarkable new technique, termed as the HiSeq X Ten Sequencing System, is the first sequencing platform that is capable of producing a complete human genome for under $1000. As per the company, the platform is very much advanced and can take examinations done by researchers to an extraordinary level. It can sequence tens and thousands of samples every year with high-quality and high-coverage sequencing.

With every passing day, new discoveries are being made in the field of medical science. The current creative innovation around 'personalized medicine', based on progress in genetic technology will help in improving healthcare services.

The first human genome to be sequenced cost approximately $3 billion, 11 years ago.

Professor John Mattick, Executive Director of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research said, "The sequencing capacity and economies of scale of the HiSeq X Ten facility will also allow Garvan to accelerate the introduction of clinical genomics and next-generation medicine in Australia".

The price tag of $1000 comprises of typical instrument downgrading, DNA extraction, library preparation and assessed labor. The machine is an ideal platform for scientists and institutions which aim one finding of gentypic difference to provide an improved understanding of human biology and genetic disease.

Jay Flatley, CEO of Illumina, said that the capability of the machine to study the human genome on this scale will take the study of cancer and complicated diseases to a new height.