Chaotic care to come to an end with ‘Whole Stay Doctors’

Chaotic care to come to an end with ‘Whole Stay Doctors’Last month it was stated that the NHS will once again write the name of the doctor responsible for each patient above their bed.

It comes after an affirmation in November that patients might as well have the name of an expert above their cot.

The Health Secretary is to announce that hospitals must make an attempt to let patients have `whole stay doctors' throughout their course of treatment at the hospitals.

Jeremy Hunt needs to handle the discontinuity of forethought encountered by patients in healing facilities and to determine that patients are dealt with like individuals and are not referred to as numbers or problems.

Talking at St Thomas' Hospital in focal London he will highlight how movement is required to stop patients feeling like they are constantly passed from column to post.

He will say, "Every day, the first thing I do when I touch base at work at the Department of Health is to read and answer to a letter from somebody whose NHS care has happened.  Obviously, I realize that for each slip-up there are numerous examples of radiant forethought.  Be that as it may as Health Secretary I need to know where the issues are since I need to deal with them."