Charity warns elderly cancer patients considered too old for treatment in the UK

elderlyA charity has cautioned that some tumor patients are constantly being left out as they are considered excessively old for medication. Macmillan Cancer Support said that most of these cancer patients were evaluated simply by their age and not on the basis of their fitness on the whole.

NHS England affirmed that it would have done well to convey better care and support to individuals in the over-65 age bracket, which includes all the senior citizen group.

This was revealed after a research which observed information from
1991-2010 recommended in the range of 130,000 individuals diagnosed with disease after age 65 made due for more than 10 years.

The research was funded and supervised by Macmillan Cancer Support nearby the National Cancer Intelligence Network, which found that out of the 130,000 who had existed with the sickness for a decade, 8,000 had been diagnosed over the age of 80.

Macmillan informed that still there are numerous patients in the UK who are constantly turned down for medicine since they are considered excessively old, including that malignancy survival rates in the elderly patients is very low.