Number of Badger Setts in England has doubled in Past 25 Years

BadgerA study published in the journal Scientific Reports has found a massive rise in the number of badger colonies in England in the past 25 years.

The National Wildlife Management Centre employed a number of expert badger surveyors who spread out across the countryside. From November 2011 to March 2013, these surveyors visited over 1,600 randomly chosen areas and recorded the number of active badger setts.

Badger setts are underground tunnel networks where badgers live. After carrying out the study, surveyors concluded that the number of setts in England has more than doubled. There were 64,000 badger colonies in England in 2013 in comparison to 31,500 in 1988.

Surveyors did not find much change in the number of badger setts in Wales. Those who have been in favor of badger conservation have welcomed the news. Jack Reedy from Badger Trust, a badger conservation group, has termed the news to be a good one.

As per him, the rise means that badger habitat is in good state. On the other hand, supporters of the controversial badger cull have got a chance to strengthen the need to reduce the number of badgers.

A rise in TB infections in cattle has been seen. Many farmers think that increase in badger colonies and rapid rise in TB infections are linked.