Testosterone Therapy Doubles the Heart Attack Risk

Testosterone Therapy Doubles the Heart Attack RiskA recent study conducted by UCLA and the National Institutes of Health claims that testosterone therapy increases the risk of heart attack by double in men with a history in heart disease.

For their study, the researchers overviewed the figures received from Truven Health Analytics. It was found that there were 55,593 men prescribed to undergo testosterone therapy.

The researchers concluded that the men under 65 were at the double risk of getting a heart attack, if they had any history of heart disease, while all men above 65 getting this therapy were at double risk of getting an attack, irrespective of medical history.

Testosterone therapy is prescribed for treating low T.

"The extensive and rapidly increasing use of testosterone treatment and the evidence of risk of heart attack underscore the urgency of further large studies of the risks and the benefits of this treatment," said Senior Author Sander Greenland. He further suggested that physicians and patients both must discuss the consequences one may face after undergoing this therapy.

In the past, three different studies have linked increased risk of heart attack with testosterone therapy. The latest study was conducted on a broader and wider sample.

Dr. Sidney M. Wolfe, an Adviser to the Washington advocacy group Public Citizen, also raised his apprehension and said that FDA must issue a notice saying that drugs for this therapy must carry a mention of the risk they are related to.