MP3 players can lead to a hearing loss epidemic

MP3 players can lead to a hearing loss epidemicIf you thought that listening to music on a high volume was trendy, think again. A Scottish philanthropy has cautioned that many youngsters are gambling irreversible listening damage once a day by neglecting to turn down the volume on their iPods and MP3 players to safe levels.

As per the study by Action on Hearing Loss (AHL) Scotland, one-third of respondents said they had overridden the protected level point of confinement on their portable music playing apparatuses. The discoveries have been discharged to correspond with Tinnitus Awareness Week.

The exploration additionally discovered two-thirds of individuals have been left with ringing in their ears after nights out at pubs, clubs or gigs where music is played boisterously.

Very nearly half of individuals, specifically youngsters, listen to music for up to one third of their waking day on blasting volumes of iPods and MP3s.

Then again, one in five of the aforementioned surveyed for the study said they might not do anything any other way notwithstanding the potential dangers of listening sometime down the road, which is a probability for the one third of the aforementioned addressed who said they had overridden the protected level on their apparatuses.