Free Medical Care lined up in Los Angeles

MedicalThe Los Angeles Sports Arena On Tuesday had 300 medical volunteers and will serve 1, 2000 patients a day for the next week, all for FREE, report the CBS News. Stan Brock, who started Remote Area Medical 25 years ago, said that 64 percent of everything they do is here in America although he has been getting Americans doctor to volunteer and bring modern medicine to the Third World. While hundreds of dentists , family practitioners , internists , acupuncturists , ophthalmologists , nurses and sides volunteered their time , there were still not enough to treat all those deemed “medically negligent”.

San Dimas, woodworker who lost his job and his health insurance in December had two lower teeth which began to ache just after he was let go. He said, “

"I think we're lucky to have this. I wasn't around during the Depression, but I can only imagine how much those people then suffered.” More volunteers will be needed as the clinic continues through the next week. Brock said, “We hope to come again, perhaps go to the beach and not treat people because (by then) the (healthcare) problem will have been solved,".

It maybe noted that the greatest need was for dental care by far , among those who scored a wristband on Sunday which guaranteed entry into the clinic on Tuesday. A navy based dentists based in Oxnard said, “"I just saw a lady with several broken, cracked teeth,

We're seeing that, along with wide cavities”.