Tesla has not yet determined the cause behind Model S fire in Toronto

TeslaElectric car maker Tesla Motors is probing an earlier-this-month fire incident which involved the company's Model S sedan. The fire incident took place in Toronto, Canada, when a Model S sedan was parked in its owner's own garage.

The fire incident involving Model S sedan in Toronto comes a month after Tesla overhauled the vehicle's software and the wall adapters that are used for charging the batteries in its cars. The overhaul by Tesla followed a November garage fire involving a Model S in Irvine, California.

Though the investigations into the Toronto fire incident are currently being carried out by Tesla, the automaker has yet to ascertain the cause behind the fire.

However, with news report revealing that the Model S that caught fire was neither involved in a collision during a drive nor was it being charged when the fire started, Tesla believes that the fire was not caused by any of the major components of its Model S sedan.

Tesla has asserted in an official statement that said it has "definitively determined" that the fire in the Models S sedan in Toronto did not originate in the car's battery, the charging system, the adapter or the electrical receptacle. The company has further noted that the mentioned Model S components were untouched by the fire.