Does Falling testosterone Levels Really Effect Sex Lives?

Does Falling testosterone Levels Really Effect Sex Lives?A new study has come up with the findings that men have less sex after they become a father for the first time. Lee Gettler, of the University of Notre Dame in Indiana studied lives and hormones of 433 young men belonging to an age group of 21 to 26 years, from the Philippine islands.

They discovered that the most testosterone-fuelled men were most expected to become fathers. But, after having baby, the levels of the male sex hormone dropped along with the amount of sex they had. Some physiological and behavioral changes were observed in some of them when they married and had children.

Gettler also told about increase in the hormone prolactin, which is linked with breastfeeding. It is considered that hormonal changes make a man more responsive towards the needs of his child.

Gettler told the American Association for the Advancement of Science's annual conference said. "Mothers undergo substantial biological change with pregnancy and birth, yet there has been a tendency to think of the father as kind of inertly along for the ride".

He added that evolution is responsible for shaping out male physiology to assist their partners in providing better care to their children.

However, he also added that the drop in hormone level is not permanent, it returns to its normal level within one year or two.