New Game offers Superhuman Vision

UltimEyesA new game has been designed by US scientists to empower people with superhuman eyesight. Yes, a two-month eye training programme has been claimed to incredibly enhance the normal 20/20 vision.

The game does not work by improving the strength of your eye muscle, but your brain. The game, UltimEyes, focuses on rewiring your brain in a concept known as neuroplasticity through 25-minute visual workout everyday for two months.

The workouts are like following and clicking on blobby targets as quickly as possible whenever they appear. Neuroscientist Aaron Seltz, creator of the game, said that it is a known fact now that the brain fitness is similar to physical fitness. "If we exercise our brain in the proper ways, pretty much everything that the brain does should be able to be improved", he added.

Visual cortex is the part of the brain responsible for controlling vision and improving the process where images are broken down into patterns known as Gabor stimuli. And that is why the application is aimed at training the visual cortex to allow direct confrontation of eyes with these Gabor stimuli to incredibly improve the ability of eyes to process the images.

The app was tested on a team of baseball players. Players experienced improvement in their vision and it was so good that they transcended from 20/20 vision to superhuman 20/7.5 vision. They were able to see a target at 20 feet as clear as someone at 7.5 feet away would see. Not only this, they were also able to distinguish lower contrast objects effortlessly.

Seitz said the game improves the vision by training the brain to better respond to the information that it access through the eye. The brain is well capable of improving the vision way beyond normal level of performance.