26-Year-Old Artist has Allergy from Water

26-Year-Old Artist has Allergy from WaterRachel, 26, an artist, was just 12 years old when she first noticed a painful allergic reaction from water. With the passage of time, her allergy worsened and it has now become nearly impossible for her to have any contact with water without a painful experience.

Not only does she have allergy from water but also from her own sweat, tears and blood. Rachel shared that the rash feels as her skin is on fire.

Rachel suffers from a very rare condition called aquagenic pruritus. Her condition has made her to face a lot of problems. Whenever it rains outside, she has to remain indoors and cannot even kiss her fiance Lee Warwick as moisture in saliva can prove painful too.

"Because of the amount of rainfall we've had, I've been indoors a lot. I want to go out but I can't - it's not worth the risk", said Rachel. She cannot have something very cold and her throat swells up. But she does not face much problem from tea and fruit juice.

For now, it is not know yet as what causes the problem and also what is the solution of it.  Rachel said there are some doctors who have completely refused to even accept that she has allergy from water.

Whenever Rachel steps out from home, she wears a coat with a big hood and also carries an umbrella. She has to take short showers and dry her immediately as rashes can appear. But there is a positive side of it as well and that is she does not have to wash utensils and clothes.