NY lawmakers discuss to increase Organ Donors

NY lawmakers discuss to increase Organ Donors The month of April is National Donate Life Month. TOSA says, that there is common myth that rock stars, the wealthy or celebrities are moved to the top of the recipient lists faster than the rest of us and this one is not true. Wealth or Social Status does not matter in Organ allocation and distribution. Hence, a small group of New York Sate Assembly members and some medical specialists have now agreed to increase the rate of the organ donors. Mark Simon, President and CEO of Upstate New York Transplant Services said,

"I don't think they'll be enough support for the legislation. There needs to be a better way of getting more donors than by waiting every eight years while you wait at the DMV”. He also added, "I don't know the exact number on the waiting list, but the waiting list continues to grow. People die every day waiting for organs, hearts and livers especially so the problem's not going to fix itself.” He also said, “The state is looking at other methods of getting people to become an organ donor, including a way you can sign up online. Until then, organizations like Upstate New York Transport Services are just getting out the word about the need for more donors and the low number of them who have already signed up in New York”.

It may be noted that basically you will be automatically signed up unless you tell DMV that you want to opt out. A local resident who supports organ donation, Matika Goldsmith said, “I don't see why most people would mind if it's going to save a life,"