Fetal DNA Tests could Prove Successful in Pre-Natal Screening

Fetal DNA Tests could Prove Successful in Pre-Natal ScreeningA novel study has come up with findings that fetal DNA tests could bring large reforms in pre-natal screening.

Jennifer Fontaine, 29-year-old woman who was pregnant last year, shared her experience. She said that her baby was diagnosed with severe genetic disorder in some standard blood screening test. In order to confirm her reports, she decided to go for another fetal DNA blood test, which analyzes DNA of fetal circulating in mother's blood.

It was her good luck that after long-wait of two weeks, her baby girl was diagnosed with no defect in 2011. Since then, doctors have been using the fetal DNA blood test to screen high-risk pregnant women.

But, they were endeavoring to find out whether the test could prove successful in treating women with low-risk syndrome. On analyzing DNA samples of about 1,900 women, they found 3.6% false positive report in standard screening for Down syndrome compared to 0.3% for fetal DNA screen.

Dr. Diana Bianchi, of Tufts Medical Center, predicted the cost of performing the fetal DNA test to be $1,500. The research published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that the fetal DNA testing technique could help in early diagnosing disorders and abnormalities like Down's syndrome in DNA sequencing of babies.