New DNA test may lead to more abortions

New DNA test may lead to more abortionsA new DNA test has shown accurate results in detecting Down syndrome and other related diseases in a baby prior to its birth, but pro-life advocates are opposing the test saying it would lead to more abortions.

The latest DNA test, which is based on DNA sequencing, is said to be at least 10 times more accurate than older tests in detecting disorders like Down syndrome or trisomy 21, which is a genetic disorder characteristic by a full or partial third chromosome 21.

However, pro-life advocates are opposing the new test saying it would prompt more women to terminate their pregnancies as parents always like to have a perfect baby.

Michael Greene, OB-GYN at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, said without proper perspective on the DNA tests women could use the positive screening as a main reason for terminating a pregnancy that would have actually been normal pregnancy.

Brian Skotko, the co-director of the Down syndrome Program at the Massachusetts General Hospital, also argued that many people with Down syndrome have become great athletes, artists, poets and writers.

On the other hand, lead researcher Dr. Diana Bianchi of Tufts Medical Center is advocating for the new DNA test, saying it is both more accurate and less invasive, plus it could trim down on the nearly 200,000 amniocentesis tests carried out done every year.