Seaweed Could Block Body’s Absorption of Fat

Seaweed Could Block Body’s Absorption of FatResearchers from Newcastle University said seaweed can help in blocking the body's absorption of fat, which will help in reducing the calorie content of food.

The researchers found compounds of the plant that will prevent the body from absorbing fat. Seaweed extracts or alginates reduce the amount of fat available for the body by around 75%. This aspect makes seaweed to become one of the most effective anti-obesity treatments.

Seaweed extracts could be used on everyday basis to make healthier cakes, pastries and other things. There are different items in which alginates are already being used. They are used as stabilizers in jam. Researchers have even added alginates to bread and the early taste tests have been found to be quite encouraging.

After getting success in initial tests, researchers said the next step is to come up with clinical trials in which they would like to know about efficacy level of alginates when eaten as a part of a normal diet.

The researchers explained that lipase digests between 95 to 100% of the fat humans consume. The amount of fat absorption can be controlled, if reduction in the amount digested can be made.

The research published in Food Chemistry has been able to find the chemical properties of alginates that help in preventing the fat from getting digested by human bodies.

Dr. Matthew Wilcox said, "What we have shown is that the seaweeds with a high level of guluronate stop the body breaking down and absorbing fat".