Wellington Hospital faces criticism

Wellington Hospital faces criticismWellington Hospital has been under severe criticism after specialists were excessively occupied or excessively disorganised to see an elderly lady who later died in light of the fact that she didn't get her medicines in time.

Health and Disability Commissioner Anthony Hill's discoveries into the treatment doled out to the 88-year-old lady by Capital and Coast District Health Board uncover various ruptures in her mind. The lady was carried by rescue vehicle to the emergency section in 2010.

She had torment in her hip and a specialist diagnosed septic joint inflammation.

She ought to have been seen by the orthopaedic group, however they were excessively occupied and suggested she see radiology specialists.

Notwithstanding, the radiology group was hesitant to do so without her first being looked into by orthopaedics.

An arrangement of deferrals and miscommunications implied she didn't get any antibiotic medicines until 24 hours after septic joint inflammation was initially suspected.

"It took five appeals and 32 prior hours somebody from the orthopaedic group saw the lady. On the other hand, at that point it was past the point of no return and the lady was diagnosed with septic stun," Mr Hill said. She died after seven days.

Mr Hill said it was an instance of diverse administrations inside a DHB, each one acknowledging a patient from their own particular master perspective, without having respect to the greater picture of the patient and trying to co-work with each one in turn.