Google’s April Fool’s Day 2004 launch of Gmail was anything but a joke

Google’s April Fool’s Day 2004 launch of Gmail was anything but a jokeInternet search giant Google, which is well known for its April Fool's Day pranks, launched its now-immensely-popular Gmail email service on April 1, 2004 --- and it was anything but a joke; with the service going on to become the world's biggest webmail service!

Back in 2004, Google initiated two jokes on April Fool's Day --- one of the jokes was a proposed job position on the moon; and the second joke was a free email service. The second supposedly April Fool's Day prank was actually not a joke because the Google co-founders believed that the Gmail email service would make the emailing experience much better.

When Gmail was launched by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and AOL were already prevailing as the top email services; and it was definitely going to be difficult for Google to top these services.

However, ten years later, Google's Gmail - which is the brain-child of Paul Bucheeit; and was initially named Project Caribou - is now undoubtedly the biggest email service in the world, boasting more than 300 million subscribers!

Revealing that Google co-founder Sergey Brin was "most excited" about Gmail's launch on April Fool's Day 2004, Brian Rakowski - the first product manager of Gmail - said in an interview with Time: "The ultimate April Fools' joke was to launch something kind of crazy on April 1st and have it still exist on April 2nd."