GM has submitted over 200,000 pages of records to NHTSA

GM has submitted over 200,000 pages of records to NHTSAIn response to the exhaustive list of questions asked by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) from General Motors (GM) in connection with its 'ignition-switch recall crisis,' the automaker has submitted over 200,000 pages of records to the agency.

GM revealed in a Thursday statement that the comprehensive records it has submitted to the NHTSA answer nearly 65 percent of the questions which the agency had asked in connection with its recall of now 2.6 million older cars which have an ignition-switch defect.

The NHTSA had asked 107 detailed questions from GM about the ignition-switch defect in its now-recalled vehicles. The defect is reportedly linked to at least 32 accidents and 13 deaths; and the agency had given the automaker a 30-day period to answer the questions asked.

The NHTSA has said in a recent statement that it has been receiving documents from GM; and is reviewing them. However, the agency has not yet disclosed if it would grant the automaker an extension as part of its probe into whether the vehicles affected by the ignition-switch defect had been recalled in a timely manner.

The NHTSA said in its statement: "GM is cooperating fully with NHTSA and is keeping the agency apprised at every step of its progress as it works to respond to the remaining questions within the Special Order."