Philadelphia skyscraper hosts “world’s largest game of Tetris”

Philadelphia skyscraper hosts “world’s largest game of Tetris”On Saturday night, the 29-storey Cira Centre skyscraper in downtown Philadelphia hosted what apparently was the "world's largest game of Tetris." The larger-than-life game was played on the 100,000-square-foot 'screen,' which included the north and south sides of the skyscraper.

According to the New York Times, the spectacle - the Philadelphia skyscraper hosting the Tetris game - marked the commencement of a Philadelphia-wide series of tech events called Philly Tech Week.

For enabling the play of the Tetris game - which challenges gamers to rotate and position falling shapes into complete rows - on the massive skyscraper 'screen,' a team headed by Frank Lee, a computer science professor at Drexel University, hacked into the spectacular LED lighting system of the Cira Centre.

With over 1,400 LED lights on the Cira Centre creating a large-scale version of Tetris, it was for the second successive year that Lee's team achieved the remarkable feat. In April last year, the team had set the Guinness Record for the world's largest architectural videogame display, when it successfully debuted a game of Pong on the Cira Centre building.

With the size of the Tetris game being two times that the Pong display, Lee's team is hopeful of setting another record.

About the mammoth display of Tetris, Lee said: "People will think of this as a game, but I think of this as a public ornament. Technology has sort of made us isolated from each other. I want us to be with each other, and play with each other."