Ford recalls nearly 435,000 cars and SUVs to fix rusting frame parts or faulty seats

Ford recalls nearly 435,000 cars and SUVs to fix rusting frame parts or faulty seatsOn Monday, Ford Motor Co said that it is recalling nearly 435,000 vehicles, mostly in North America, because of two separate and unrelated problems --- rusting frame parts or defective seats.

The bigger of the two recalls announced by Ford involves nearly 386,000 Ford Escape SUVs from the 2001 through 2004 model years. The Escape models affected by the recall were manufactured between October 22, 1999, and December 19, 2003, at the Kansas City Assembly plant; and from May 1, 2003, to January 23, 2004, at the Ohio Assembly plant.

The recall-affected Escape models were originally sold or registered in 20 US states - including Massachusetts, and Washington, D. C. - in which salt is used for clearing snow and ice from roads. The recall also affects Escapes sold in six Canadian provinces.

About the reason behind the recall of the mentioned Escape models, Ford said that the issue involves the rusting of subframes which, in turn, causes a control arm to detach and hampers steering control.

The second recall announced by Ford covers 49,000 Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ, Ford Escape and C-MAX vehicles from 2013 and 2014 model years. The reason behind the recall of these vehicles is a fault in the welding of the seat back frames, which will be replaced by dealers.

In connection with the two issues prompting the recall of 435,000 vehicles, Ford said that there have thus far been no reports of crashes or injuries resulting from the rusting frame parts or faulty seats.