Mathematical Model to Overcome Jetlag Developed

Jetlag-DevelopedHere is a promising way to cure jet-lag. Researchers from the University of Michigan and Yale University have developed a mathematical model that helps in overcoming jetlag faster than considered earlier.

The researchers will install a free iPhone app that will load a complex, jet-lag overcoming into your smartphone. You just need to type in your current location and destination and what kind of light you will have access to.
By undergoing the above mentioned steps, the app will present a schedule of light exposures that would reset your internal clock in the most effective way. Daniel Forger, a biological mathematician, created the mathematical model who has been studying circadian clocks since 1990s.

Circadian rhythm regulates sleep and alert factors. When a person travel across time zones the body clock needs to be reset itself. Forger said light is the clock's strongest regulator.

The researchers put in use two equations that are known to predict someone's circadian rhythm. By taking these equations and with the help of computer modeling, different schedules of light exposure of over 1,000 possible trips were calculated.

For 10 years, Forger worked on his model based on data gathered from sleep studies at Harvard and the University of Michigan. It was quite a pleasant surprise for him that the most effective to cure jet lag is to adjust the time of your dawn and dusk every day.

To cite an example, if you are travelling from New York to London then the app will tell you that on approval, you should begin light at 7.58am and begin dark at 8.14pm. On second day, you need to expose yourself to light at 6.18 am and avoid lights at 7.53pm.  If the schedule is followed then circadian clock should be fully entrained 10 minutes later on the last day.