Crib safety now a concern

Crib safety now a concernNorth Attleboro‘s Lauren Zimmerman finds it hard thinking about the past and of old memories as it bring back painful memories for losing her son who died 6 days after his first birthday.

"It's absolutely horrible. I wish he was here everyday," she said.

Her son Landon died unexpectedly on January 30, 2008 after he suffocated in his crib. He would be three if he were alive.

"It was a total shock. I don't know what to do with myself. It's been absolutely horrible," said Zimmerman. "You worry about everything else that can happen to a child; you don't worry about the crib that you put them in."

The Simplicity crib he as sleeping in fell apart and suffocated him between the mattress and the frame of the crib.

U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said many such incidents have been reported in recent times causing panic among parents who have young children.

The CPSC have taking back their cribs from customers to fix the equipment and so are Graco drop-side cribs for similar problems. Graco cribs have been known to be flimsy and break easily.

"They bring the crib in, they don't get penalized for it if they don't have a receipt or its over the 90 days... they automatically get to return it," said Target Weston’s Michelle Schwartz.

"To be very aware of all the recalls and look at the crib twice to make sure every thing is ok," Lauren Zimmerman said hoping to create awareness among parents towards faulty equipment.